Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Good Hair: De Lorenzo’s Elements collection

I love the fact that Australian all-good haircare company De Lorenzo has always had an ethical approach to looking after your locks. Their mission has always been to provide professional salons with the best quality, natural based haircare, manufactured in an environmentally responsible way, and they use certified organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed 
and wild-harvested wherever possible. They also strongly oppose animal testing, are CFF listed and don't use ingredients of animal origin, which gets a major tick in my books.
As well as sticking to all of this good stuff, they make some seriously great products, the latest being the Elements collection of high performance styling formulas. The collection has been inspired by four natural elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. It utilises New Generation Polymers with "Elemental Shape Memory" - a new standard in hair fixative performance – and offers superior humidity resistance and frizz control while leaving the hair with a shiny healthy finish. This is a huge bonus in humid climes like we get Down Under, when typically hair tends to become frizzy when subjected to high humidity. However, when hair is coated with The New Generation Polymers there is an increased resistance to moisture absorption, resulting in less frizziness. Bam!
While offering excellent initial styling, strong hold products can feel stiff, raspy or crunchy to the touch, and don't allow natural movement into the hair. The hair-to-hair bonds made with this type of product tend to be brittle, and vigorous movement will cause bonds to break. As a result, styles lose shape and require re-styling or a touch-up to maintain a fresh look over the course of a day. The keys to the performance of this new technology are the characteristics of the film that is created when New Generation Polymers are applied to hair creating Elemental Shape Memory. The products provide multifunctional benefits stylists can use to impart style control, hold and to enhance the texture, shine, body, curl, straightness, protection, and condition of the hair. Oh, and the packaging is pretty slick too!
On the green tip, De Lorenzo respect and appreciate the growers and producers of natural ingredients for their hard work and high standards. The quality and excellence of the Certified Organic products they use is unsurpassed and De Lorenzo endeavours to choose them whenever possible. They say that traceability and ethical sourcing are hot topics for their customers, and so this allows them to offer not only products sourced from an ethical supply chain but also a range of exotic plants and fruits from the “Australian Outback.”
Oh and last but not least, the Elements range also contains a mild preservation system, ideal for people with sensitive skin and or scalps.
Available from selected salons nationwide, cal 0800 652 570 for a stockist near you!

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