Thursday, June 23, 2011

Try it: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips liners

One of the biggest names on the beauty block in the US, Physicians Formula is one of those brands that really listen to what women need, and deliver. They seem to anticipate the gap in your kit before you even know it’s there, and are ridiculously well priced for a “masstige” company.
They make some truly great eye products, the latest release being the newest addition to their Shimmer Strips line. The all new, all fabulous Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiners are three perfect stackable pots of complementary colour to illuminate and enhance your eyes according to their shade. Available in Blue Eyes, Green Eyes (pictured) and Brown Eyes, each trio features a black shade for dramatic definition plus two perfectly coordinated pearlescent shades to accentuate natural eye colour. Three individual pots of colour means three times the colour and three times the custom possibilities, and make these the perfect product to carry in your handbag or your carry on when you’re en route to some exotic locale.
Each pot of colour makes it easy to create a custom look with the definition and intensity desired, from natural to playful to dramatic. For an all-day natural look, apply a thin line of the most subtle shade across the lash line of your upper lid. For a little more impact, create a thick or thin line of the brightest shade. And for dramatic, high-wattage glamour, apply a thick line of the black shade. Or, have a play and layer shades together for endless looks. The high performance quick drying cream formula glides on super effortlessly too, making them incredibly user friendly. Oh and did I mention that they are a 24-hour formula that is water-resistant and smudge-proof? Brilliant stuff. Each trio also comes with a Pro-Eyeliner Brush for precise application.
Last but not least, they are free of parabens and fragrance, making them safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers like me. Love it.


  1. I was very excited to see you write about Physician's Formula as I have heard very good things about it too, especially their bronzers. Can you get it in NZ though? Or do you know anywhere that would ship it here?

  2. Yes! Physicians Formula is definitely available through selected pharmacies in New Zealand. Call + 64 9 489 9915 to find a stockist near you... and I'm about to try the bronzers so will let you know : )