Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inside knowledge: talking with Rae Morris

They’re the people that see first hand the effects of a week of shows on a fresh-faced model’s skin, the ones who witness celebrities unmasked and midway through an extremely bad hair day. They are the experts, and they are privy to the kind of beauty information that can make or break a look on the runway or the high street.
Makeup artist Rae Morris(pictured) is a leader amongst the above, and also more than happy to share her insider secrets. The author of several books revealing the tricks behind her craft – the latest of which is the beautiful Express Makeup featuring scores of gorgeous photos by Stephen Chee –artist Rae has worked with some of the world’s leading photographers and on virtually any covetable title you can name and I was very excited to have ten minutes with her.

How would you best describe what you do?
I paint beautiful and interesting faces all day long.

What has been your most memorable job, and why?
Working with Pink on personal appearances would definitely be up there – mainly because she was so amazing and we got on like a house on fire. She was so into what I did as a make up artist and really respected what I had to say. She even played me songs and asked my opinion of them, it was so memorable.

You work with skin every day. What is the one product you can’t work without, the one that is magic on any job?
My obsession is with great brushes, so much so that I have just created my own line. A great brush can change your life and make even the most unsuitable of products work that much better, and a fantastic foundation brush will make any woman look flawless. Another pick is eyelash applicators, which are a clever little product that Shu Uemura makes. I can’t live without them!

Where are you based?
I’m in Sydney now and have agents in New York and Paris.

What can you tell us about the beauty habits of the average girl you meet that are particular to that city?
Good habits or bad habits? There are lots of either! It really depends where you live, but Sydney women generally love the beach and looking healthy and feeling healthy. There is a lot of “less is more” going on, and there are a lot of glowy cheeks and lips. Melbourne women are a lot more about make up, whereas Sydney girls pair a barely there look with a killer handbag.

What in your opinion is the hottest beauty look ever?
A great, full and strong brow. I can tell what era a woman is from just by looking at her eyebrows. I personally don’t think that thin or overarched brows will ever come back after seeing a resurgence of strong brows over the past couple of years, they are just such a great accessory.

You work with other make up artists and hair stylists on a very regular basis - do you take cues from them and share knowledge?
Totally, especially stylists whose art I appreciate so much as they just immerse themselves so fully in fashion and always know what’s going on. They know so much about trends, as do hair stylists who are always at the cutting edge of what’s happening when you get to the top level.

What is the best tip you've been given?
“A good makeup artist knows when to put the brush down!” from the amazing Richard Sharah.

What is the standout feature in every job you do - your 'signature' as it were?
I love playing with different textures of skin – creating a matte skin, a luminous skin. You can do the same eye but on a variety of canvases and see so many different looks emerge.

What is your desert island product, the one you personally can't live without?
Sunscreen and Tweezers. Anything that’s below the eye needs to go!

And lastly, what makes a woman beautiful?
When a woman is game enough to make a statement and go outside the norm, I just find her so beautiful. Even someone like Alannah Hill or lately, Lady Gaga who is that little bit more over the top than the rest of us when it comes to make up. There is just so much beauty in their confidence.


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