Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a steal: Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip oil has gone from being a skincare discovery to a skincare essential over the past few years, with numerous brands releasing their own versions of this super multitasker that is ending up in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.
The latest to cross my desk is by Australia's Sukin, and like the rest of their product offering, it’s amazingly well priced at NZD $22.50. 100 per cent organic, it’s packed with vital skin-rewarding nutrients, extracted from the seeds of the red berry-like hips found on wild rose bushes in Chile. When regularly applied to the skin it naturally promotes regeneration and helps to rehydrate skin, nails and hair, while also assisting to heal scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. If you’re Down Under like me, you’ll know that winter brings a combination of cool air and ramped up artificial heating, which tends to dry out our skin, hair and nails, so this is the ideal little bottle to keep close at hand. Add a few drops to your night cream to further boost your hydration in one easy step, or apply a few drops to your nail beds and massage into nails and cuticles to protect against the effects of biting winter winds.
And if you’re keen on staying Green like I am, you’ll be glad to know that Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil is non-deodorised and uses seeds of the rose hip which are cold pressed via a solvent-free extraction process, to harness and retain the precious natural actives rich in earthy goodness for optimal performance.
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