Thursday, May 26, 2011

Find the light: Clarins Vital Light Skincare

Clarins was the first skincare brand I ever used – at seventeen no less! –and I’ve always had a soft spot for the yummy smelling, high performance beauty house. And hey, it's the top-selling skin-care brand in Europe -- which is, perhaps, why European women age so well!
Last week I was lucky enough to attend a High Tea (I love a teeny tiny cake!) at The Langham hotel’s Barolo restaurant in honour of the New Zealand release of Clarins Vital Light Day and Night Anti-Aging Comfort Creams. The venue was selected for its incredibly flattering light – it’s the best spot ever for a date – as that is the main point of difference between Vital Light and many of Clarins other offerings. After discovering that one of the major reasons skin looks more drab as it ages is its loss of ability to reflect light, the Clarins team went to work on a new method to help increase luminosity.
It's common for anti-aging products to contain ingredients that speed cell renewal and therefore promote collagen production, but these creams also address the fact that skin cells' own capability to metabolise waste such as oxidized proteins and dead collagen slows considerably with age and is another key to your skin's radiance factor. The brand's researchers discovered three "pioneer" plants (which grow around the world even in the most extreme conditions of dryness, salt and wind) to aid in cellular waste elimination and ultimately help to revive luminosity, diminish brown spots and wrinkles and boost microcirculation. These plants – cochlearia officinalis, waltheria and spergularia – help to replenish life on Earth, and help to replenish luminosity in skin. There are some quick fixes that can give skin an instant glow, but for more a deeply effecting action, you have to go a little deeper. The Vital Light range is the answer to this age-old problem, reinvigorating the skin and reviving a dull complexion with its innovative formulation.
Vital Light Day is a velvety soft and luxurious cream containing a potent combination of all three pioneer plants to revive luminosity. It diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and fine lines, whilst helping to firm, smoothen, and illuminate mature skin with its added anti-aging Vitamin E and pollutant protection. The rich texture is easily absorbed too, making it the perfect base for makeup.
Vital Light Night is a rich, comforting night cream containing luminosity-restoring pioneer plans Cochlearia and Watheria, a combination of anti-oxidant and anti-stress Rhodiole Rose, Venuceane and Vitamin E, and nourishing mango butter. A true microcirculation booster, it works at a time when the body regenerates and recharges itself.
But enough facts and figures, if luminous skin is top of your wish list then I recommend you give this luxurious new range a try.

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