Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want: Perricone MD’s new No Sun Tanner

It hasn’t hit our shores as yet, but I’ve been reading about Perricone MD’s brand spanking new No Sun Self Tanner and really hope it does by spring! If you’ve never heard of Perricone MD before, here’s a little introduction: founded by dermatologist to the stars Dr Nicholas Perricone, the high-performance skincare range encourages a three-tiered approach to beauty, incorporating diet and lifestyle too. Perricone is regarded as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Ageing, as in inflammation is the greatest precipitator of ageing wrinkled, sagging skin, and his skincare has been developed to minimise the effect of this inflammation on skin. His inside out/outside in approach has revolutionised the way millions approach skincare by connecting the dots between health wellness and beauty. “Inflammation is the reason you get wrinkles and why you lose the healthy bloom of youth,” is his mantra, and at the top of the list of elements that create inflammation are sugar and high GI carbohydrates which rapidly convert to sugar.”
His skincare range is vast and pricey, but multi-awarded winning and as high performance as they get. I haven’t tried it myself but have friends who swear by it, and I’m always interested to read about the good doctor’s newest innovations. The latest to reach my ears is his new No Sun Tanner, which gives you a gradual tan with no streaks, no orange, and best of all—no lingering self-tanner aroma. It reportedly smooths on exactly like a body lotion (and moisturizes just the same), has a yummy cocoa butter scent, and is infused with Vitamin D. Plus, it's a multi-tasker: No Sun contains ingredients to help your tan stay even and lasting, and uses Dr. Perricone's patented DMAE to firm, tighten, and tone skin. Like any gradual tanner it takes a few days to kick in, but from what I’ve read it’s more than worth the wait.
Crossing fingers right now that Mecca Cosmetica will stock this prior to the bod-baring months, i.e. ASAP!

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