Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Jojoba Company Botanical Hydrating Face Mask

One of the things I love most about Winter is how much less complicated it is to use the “but I just felt like having a night in” excuse, mainly due to the dearth of interesting things out there to get up to coupled with the rotten weather. It’s the ideal time to snuggle down on the couch, glass of Pinot in hand, and the perfect time to get up to some heavy duty pampering.
The Jojoba Company’s Botanical Hydrating Face Mask is my new Winter’s night in favourite, and kind of feels like the face mask equivalent of particularly healthy comfort food. It’s soothing, relaxing and it cures what ails you. The company describes this goodie as “deeply hydrating to rebalance dryness and re-energise”, and it’s exactly what your skin needs when it’s exposed to the likes of cold, air conditioning and whipping winds. 97 per cent naturally derived and not tested on animals, the super hydrating clay-based mask feels super silky on your skin but packs a powerful punch. It’s made up of a powerful combination of botanical anti-ageing extracts including antioxidant rich gingko biloba, plumping marine collagen, vitamin B5 and organic honey to boost the natural hydrating qualities of golden jojoba, and is particularly good if your skin is sensitized or inflamed. Left on a cleansed face for around 20 minutes, the results are plumped, super soft and hydrated skin that feels like heaven itself. For a luxurious spa treatment you can leave it on overnight, but I advise you to use an old pillow case if this is your chosen option – things can get sticky!
Love this stuff.

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