Monday, May 16, 2011

Beauty discovery: Sodashi’s Concentrates

If you read my blog on a regular basis you’ll know that I’m not a great fan of scrubs and the like, believing like internationally-renowned facialist Margaret Hema that skin should really be treated like a beautiful piece of fabric. You won’t see me rubbing one of my much-loved Miss Crabb silk dresses against a concrete wall on a weekly basis, and you won’t see me doing the same to my skin.
A short while back I wrote a piece here on Sodashi skincare, which I’ve been trialling since then and hopelessly falling in love with. All natural, super luxurious and pretty looking to boot, it ticks all of my boxes when it comes to a great collection of skincare goodies. One of their products that particularly fascinated me upon first popping the lid with the Rejuvenate Concentrate that I was prescribed as an exfoliant, one of four plant essence-based formulas designed to gently exfoliate, regenerate and soften the skin by stimulating the skin’s own natural exfoliation process. The method of use seemed just too easy – add ten drops of the concentrate to a basin of very warm water and use a soft cloth to compress the face and neck three or four times. And that was it! My particular formula included lemon oil as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, while a blend of pure lavender, rosewood and geranium oils stimulate the growth of new cells. Too easy, and it smells incredible to boot. I had to know more, and hit up their rather wonderful Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Ali Sims to know more.
“After working with essential oils for many years, Megan (Larsen, the creator of Sodashi, pictured) knew how incredibly strong their rejuvenating properties were,” she told me. “When Megan was asked by her clients about a what they should use to exfoliate their faces, it was only natural that she wanted to provide something that would work effectively in two ways. The essential oils work to both soften the skin and remove dead skin cells, restoring the skin’s vitality.”
She admits “it does take our clients a bit of time to get used to our exfoliating process - as it is quite unique - but once they do they are addicted for life!” Ali says that when she first started at Sodashi, “I had no idea how compressing your face with a liquid solution - what no granules? - could exfoliate dead skin cells. I had always been taught to exfoliate with a granular solution. After two weeks I noticed a huge difference and I now use my concentrate every day.” Like me Ali has quite sensitive skin, and after using the Calming Concentrate her redness disappeared and she was able to start using the same Rejuvenating Concentrate as I am. They are both extremely gentle - all Sodashi products are - but so effective!

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