Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Want: Burberry’s new Lip Mist collection

At a certain age women who constantly slick on layer after layer of gooey gloss start to look like a little “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” in my humble opinion, clinging onto a look that worked for them when they were younger or that they see teens rocking with ease. And although I’m obsessed by it myself, I can also understand them not wanting to commit to a highly pigmented lip for fear of the level of maintenance involved. There is a compromise however, and that lies with a semi sheer hybrid of the two, many of which are popping up on counters of late. My favourite new discovery – and one that has me moved to buy the whole collection – is Burberry's Lip Mists. These pretty babies may look like some seriously pigmented lipstick, but a sweep of one the nine shades actually serves up sheer color and a major dose of ultralight shine. As well as loving No. 02 Copper's super-wearable, every day nude and No. 5 Rosy Red's sassy stain, I’m amazed at how the lightweight formula still manages to saturate and soothe with long-lasting moisture. And even though the tiny tubes of goodness might not take the place of a classic Burberry trench in your “must own” list, the luxe Burberry check-etched case makes them pretty damn desirable in their own right.

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