Dr.Hauschka Med Labimint Acute Lip Care

I could talk til the cows come home about how essential many of the products released by Dr.Hauschka really are, but the latest really is a must-have in the lead up to winter or any time of seasonal change. The colder months are when your lips really take a battering, and they are made from pretty delicate stuff. The outer skin layer of the lips is extremely thin (only a twentieth of a millimetre) and there is no protective hydrolipid film or hair on there. Instead, the skin on our lips contains numerous nerve endings and blood vessels, which can sense the slightest touch and differences in temperature. Because this skin is so delicate, the sun, wind and extreme temperatures can put a strain on our sensitive lips. They dry out, and the corners of our mouth may become cracked – either way, it spells trouble for applying your favourite lipstick, which is one of my most treasured pastimes! We’ve all got a favourite balm that we like to keep in the handbag and next to the laptop, but when the weather gets extreme you need to add a little more firepower to your arsenal, and Dr.Hauschka’s Med Labimint Acute Lip Care really is just that. At the heart of this heavy hitting but pleasantly soft lip care product are the freshly pressed juices of precious calendula and echinacea, which are known for their soothing and regenerative effects. The 100 per cent pure medicinal herbs are supplemented by an extract from sage, which has purifying properties. The natural creamy base containing jojoba oil is absorbed quickly and leaves the lips feeling silky smooth and ready for lippy if you’re that way inclined. It can even be used to avoid and treat cold sores. Use at first sign of the tingling or tightness sensation to help avoid these painful lip blisters and the chance of them rupturing. And last but not least – this goodie is part of the brand’s Med range, which uses the whole plant, including the petals, leaves and stems. In contrast to other plant extracts, the freshly pressed juices in the Dr.Hauschka Med range contain the entire undiluted essence of the plant, making for some highly effective products.

STOCKIST DETAILS: Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products are available from selected department stores, Farmers stores, health food stores and pharmacies nationwide, as well as authorised Dr.Hauschka Natural Estheticians. To locate your nearest stockist visit Dr.Hauschka’s website here or call toll free 0508 423 737.


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