Love: Wella Professionals SP Styling range

The latest release from Wella Professionals is the revamped System Professional Styling collection, which takes their personalised approach to haircare even further into the styling arena and makes for some very happy hair days.
The SP Styling collection has been formulated to your personal prescriptive needs, preparing and defining locks before adding the final touch for perfect, well-formed do’s that will have you running back for more. The range consists of nine products that have been redesigned with new look packaging into a concise, compact range of essential styling products. There are four products to prepare the style with volume, lift or waves; three to define the style with texture, polish and shine and two final touch products to leave hair full of shimmer and hold.
Eugene Souleiman, hair legend and Wella Global Creative Director said of the new range: “System Professional Styling has been redeveloped into a concise collection of essential styling products that makes it easy to choose the right product. The new line helps achieve really incredible results and leaves hair styled to perfection and glowing with health.”
Women increasingly demand products that fulfil multiple needs, especially when it comes to hairstyling. We all want a product that offers more than one benefit and delivers exactly the styling result we envisage for our hair. Wella has invented the new Fusion Service with this in mind, a personalised service that enables you to reach a completely new, personalised styling result – be it volume and silkiness, bouncy curls with a velvet touch, sleek smoothness with body or texture with silky softness.
Some examples of the sort of alchemy they now have on offer are:
* Silky Volume
Silky Volume is created by mixing Delicate Volume Foam with Perfect Hair Mousse for up to 70 per cent more volume with a softer touch. The result? Mind blowing volume and silky hair that you can easily run your fingers through.
* Bouncy Velvet Curls
Bouncy Velvet Curls was devised by combining the curling benefit of Polished Waves Spray with the airy lightness of Weightless Finish. The products blend together to increase the softness of curly hair whilst giving curls a more natural velvety feel.
* Soft Texture
Soft Texture was formulated by blending Resolute Lift Styling Lotion - the optimal foundation for blow-drying - with Perfect Hair Mousse. The end result is hair that gleams without having to compromise on softness and body.
* Smooth Body
Smooth Body was created by integrating Refined Texture Modelling Cream to deliver a strong hold matt cream with Perfect Ends Cream Repair to give hair the softness and shine you desire combined with the hold and texture you need. Think enviable shine and a feather-like softness to touch.


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