Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to: Stolen Girlfriends Club at RAFW 11

Just a few days ago the Stolen Girlfriends Club label presented their SS 11/12 ‘The Big Comedown’ Collection in conjunction with KMS California on the runway at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011.
The creative hair director for the show was the always-affable Greg Murrell, owner of Ryder salon and the New Zealand ambassador for KMS California. The Stolen Girlfriends Club designers described the inspiration behind the collection “as all about falling in and out of love. The lightness and dreamy state when you’re in that ‘bubble’, contrasting with the pain, angst and bitterness of being dumped. We’re always searching for two opposing themes for each collection. We love contrasts and juxtapositions.” Greg fell in with this brief by producing hair designs with two contrasting looks for the show. The models were divided into two contrasting groups, each with different hair and makeup to reflect the show’s contrasting concepts of love and angst.
My favourite look was Look 1 – The Light Side (pictured above), which is pretty easy to achieve when you know how. Greg gave a rundown on ‘how to’ thus:
1. Prep hair with KMS hairstay Style Boost RRP 32.00, working from roots through to the mid-lengths.
2. Blowdry for volume and smoothness with a metal barrelled round brush and a hot heat setting on the dryer.
3. Once complete, distribute hair according to the natural parting at the front of the head and pull hair back into a low ponytail at the nape using hair elastic.
4. Pull on the hair above the elastic band so that it sits in a voluminous way and is clearly visible from the front of the head.
5. Loop a small portion of hair from the ponytail around the elastic and affix this hair so that the elastic is not visible.
6. To finish, spray a light mist of KMS silksheen Gloss Spray RRP $32.00 over the whole hairstyle for a shiny natural finish.

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