There's a mountain of lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, and tinted lip balms that sit pretty in my everyday kit, all of which get a workout on a more than regular basis. I’m one of those people that often change up my lip look multiple times a day (don’t judge) and love them all, but I have found that there are certain instances when a stain is the perfect choice – and almost akin a mix of all of the above.
When you really want your lip colour to stay put, I always recommend that you reach for a lip stain. It's the easiest way to give lips colour and definition without any fuss or touch-ups, and I’ve found that many makeup artists are fans of lip stains too, largely thanks to their major staying power. The pigments in lip stains sink into the skin instead of just sitting on top of it like a lipstick, which means they won't smudge, transfer, or bleed like lipstick; and they usually gradually fade into a subtle, sexy tint over time.
Lip stains are the ultimate product for low-maintenance beauty lovers who want to add colour to their lips without having to worry about touch-ups throughout the day (or night), and the newest formula from MECCA MAX has shot to the top of my list for so many reasons.

Called Lip Lock Balmy Lip Stain, it’s the latest addition to the much loved brand’s best-selling lip franchise, and has been designed to leave a lasting impression with six shades to pick, choose and love. I immediately fell for the glossy finish, as so many of the stains on offer are matte and require the addition of gloss if that’s your desired end look, and the hydration factor which some stains also lack.
The innovative, non-sticky formula wears like a tint, stains like a balm, shines like a gloss, and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, and the handy doe-foot applicator means precision application is quicker and easier than ever. The six super wearable shades range from bright jammy pinks and reds for a splash of colour, to deeper hues and neutrals for the perfect cocoa pout, and thus far my most reached-for are Hot Take for a bright pop of colour and Heavy Petal for a sweet neutral hue.
These babies glide on like a dream and leave you with hydrated, stained lips long after the shine wears off, but if you want the sheen for longer? The team at MECCA MAX advise that Lip Lock Balmy Stain is perfect layered on top of MECCA MAX Pout Pencil, for an extra defined lip, or for a glassy, glossy look, pair it with your favourite shade of MECCA MAX Glaze Phase Lip Oil or MECCA MAX Gloss Boss. I’m all about layering with a Pout Pencil in a slightly deeper shade for a really plumped up look, paired with statement lashes and a thin layer of skin tint – the perfect groomed daytime look that lasts and lasts.

In case you hadn't already guessed, this new collection comes highly recommended, and is available now exclusively online and in MECCA stores.


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