All about: the latest releases from Revlon’s skincare-meets-makeup hybrid category, Illuminance

No longer just a tool for accentuating your best features and covering imperfections, the next generation makeup formulas let your natural beauty shine through – and come with added skincare benefits to keep it looking its best.
Formulated with some of the most skin-loving ingredients out there, this new era of beauty basics means we can reap the perfecting qualities of a beautifully even shade, but with the benefit of better and better skin over time. And the best bit is, the very act of combining the pros of both skincare and makeup means the finish is seamless and so more natural, too.
Last year Revlon launched a new face sub-category to their ever-growing range of products called Illuminance, with the Illuminance Skin-Caring Foundation an immediate hit (with good reason!). A favourite of mine from the moment I first brushed it on, the formula effortlessly combines the power of makeup and skincare in one, making it so much more than ‘just’ a foundation – it’s a glow getter that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Now new to the line – and destined to follow in the footsteps of the skincaring foundation – are Illuminance Serum Skin Tint and Illuminance Gel Serum Blush. The Serum Skin Tint is the ideal product pick for those that love a light base that truly lets the beauty of your skin shine through, and nails the ‘your skin but better’ assignment with ease. With a soft, satin finish that is incredibly flattering on all skin tones, it provides light, natural coverage and is both breathable and buildable, so you can control your level of preferred cover.
Formulated to help boost your skin’s radiance for a glow all your own, the clever tint includes skincare ingredients like Ginger Root Extract and Vitamin C, which work together to even skin tone and visibly reduce dark spots over time. Last up, Vitamin E and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid keep skin plumped up and happy, and more nourished with each and every wear. Available in 10 adjustable shades, it also comes with SPF15 and a super affordable sub-$45 price point.

And as no healthy flush is complete without a little blush, we also welcome Illuminance Gel Serum Blush. With a dewy finish and available in four sheer to buildable shades that complement a variety of different skin tones, the lightweight gel serum blush glides on smoothly and blends evenly for a flawless, fool proof finish. I personally love that the formula comes with 80 percent water-infused Glycerine to penetrate the skin for the ultimate all-day hydration, especially during the cooler months when skin needs all of the help it can get staying plumped up and happy.
Key to the category’s key messaging is an invitation to have fun with the glow-giving trio, customising coverage and building as you go – who can argue with that?

Both new additions to the Revlon Illuminance range are available now and come highly recommended.


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