All about: Saturdays with Leigh Cattin at FaceWorks

Leigh Cattin and FaceWorks clinic mascot, the handsome Louis!

Currently a Junior Doctor at Waikato Hospital but already a seasoned injector with six years of artistry under her belt, Leigh Cattin’s Saturday clinics at FaceWorks in Albany are increasingly popular with younger patients looking to experience her ‘natural’ touch first hand.
A registered nurse before going to medical school and a regular at international appearance medicine conferences, Leigh was raised watching her mother, Dr Teresa Cattin’s impeccable work in the field of cosmetic medicine, and has already accrued an impressive client list of her own. 
Highly trained in the use of neuromodulators and cosmetic fillers and a leader in her field, Teresa has over 20 years' experience in cosmetic medicine and is famed for her less-is-more approach to graceful ageing. She pioneered the use of the ‘French Touch’ approach to injectables in New Zealand, effectively using carefully placed, very small amounts of cosmetic injectables to rejuvenate and enhance the face subtly and discreetly, and Leigh has most definitely followed in her footsteps on a professional and artistic level.
Working from Teresa's clinic on Auckland's Apollo Drive, Leigh, who has a particular interest in neuromodulators and lip enhancements for younger patients, has bought an impressive new dynamic to the space and a raft of new clients who appreciate the considerable difference that taking a subtle but considered approach to injectables makes.
“With younger patients, it's not about softening age-related changes on the face, but rather about carefully enhancing each client's natural beauty,” says Leigh. “Sometimes a lip may be just slightly too thin or asymmetrical, and a very small amount of product can make all the difference in a way that is not at all obvious or ‘done’ looking.”
Incredibly serene but with just the right amount of comfort thrown in for good measure, the FaceWorks clinic is a true reflection of the professionalism and warmth you experience when you meet Teresa and Leigh, making it a true “beauty destination” worth visiting.

To find out more about FaceWorks - including its affordable eponymous skincare range - visit their website or phone (09) 486 5540.


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