Fragrance news: GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES new limited-edition ceramic candle duo, A Day in Montmartre

If you know me well then you'll know aaaaaalllll about my obsession with scented candles, which I have a literal ‘wardrobe’ of - for want of a better word. I pick them up wherever I go, and always have one burning in my office by day and the lounge by night. And yes – I travel with one, because who doesn’t love filling a hotel room or lodge space with their favourite scent? I also love the sensorial memories a beautiful scented candle can evoke, and I’ve just discovered a new limited edition duo from GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES that does exactly that.
Called A Day in Montmartre, the new offering pays homage to scent aficionado, and GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES founder Nicole Eckels’ most-cherished destination in the world to reset, find inspiration, and indulge in wandering – Paris. The latter is also one of my favourite cities in the world, with many hours spent just strolling the streets during summertime visits, taking in the sights, sounds and scents of the much loved city.
The collection is a true nod to the pilgrimage around the iconic Montmartre district of Paris and starts with a walk up the hill to the historic Sacré Coeur, the basilica taking me back to the better part of a childhood growing up around the smell of incense at church. The capsule finishes with a stop-off at a Parisian patisserie, with the aroma of buttercream-filled macarons filling the air. The limited edition duo offers the beauty of a woody, exotic scent and a beautifully sweet one – making it a must have if you’re a fan of those two very different sensorial vibes.
“When you wander around the streets of Montmartre, you get the sense of a place steeped in history and art,” says Nicole. “I am constantly left feeling inspired by the artists on every corner, artisans holed up in their atelier, and the locals living a bohemian life filled to the brim with creativity. Paris always leaves me in awe.”

With unique ceramic vessels that look sublime and beautifully coloured wax, the capsule of two home fragrances was skilfully crafted to be a piece of art, one that would be proudly displayed in every home. Montmartre Macaron is a definite fruity gourmand, designed to conjure the decadence of the local patisserie, with wafts of creamy vanilla, wild blueberry and sugared coconut. Sacred Heart – the homage to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica – is awash in the temple richness of incense and myrrh, blended with heady cedarwood to create a feeling of sacred stillness.

Unable to travel to France right now, I am all about surrounding myself with these sensorial memories, and the ceramic vessels are most definitely too beautiful to hide. With an RRP of $59.99, both are available now from


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