Beauty review: MAC’s new, limited edition Botanic Panic collection

I’m always here for a MAC limited edition collection, and the latest to land is most definitely one of the prettiest AND most wearable in a while. Called the Botanic Panic collection, it is filled with beautiful products inspired by and covered in flowers – and if it’s not enough to bring a little bit of spring fever on a gloomy grey day, I don’t know what is!
Included in the Botanic Panic collection is an impressive twelve pan eyeshadow palette, five lipsticks, the prettiest blush and a super versatile highlighter. The collection is inspired by summer flowers like poppies, petunia, sunflowers, lilacs and roses, and you can pick up their unabashedly colourful vibe throughout the collection.
MAC has been renowned for their lust worthy packaging over the years, and the glorious Botanic Panic palette is everything you can imagine from a selection of shades inspired by flowers and then some. With a mixture of shimmers and mattes that will keep you going through spring, summer and beyond, the shades within are:
Keep on Twinkling: Light pink with pearl
Jam Session: Cool purple
Magic Mushroom: Warm mid-tone purple
Aqua: Seafoam
Magnetic Field: Green gold
Royal Woo: Bright yellow
Picnic Panic: Lime green
Surf USA: Turquoise blue-green
Marigold Digger: Warm gold
Botanic Panic: Peachy red
Floral A Go Go: Coppery pink
All Thorns, No Rose: Orange

The Botanic Panic lipstick offering comes in five shades, with a couple of familiar names in there in fresh packaging. Forget-Me-Naughty is a matte lilac, Tulip Service is a matte peach red, La-Di-Dahlia is a matte pink, Ruby Woo is the iconic retro matte red and last but not least, Skew is a frost coral pink.

If you’re a MAC freak, you’ll know the bestselling Extra Dimension Skinfinish well. The new Skinfinish shades included in Botanic Panic are Fleur Sure- a light gold highlighter - and Royal Flush- a shimmery blush. Both are beautiful and super wearable, and that packaging will have you smiling from the get go.
The new, limited edition Botanic Panic collection is available now and is a true treat for the eyes. If your kit is in the mood for a sunny, bright update it comes highly recommended.


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