All about: the new Glam by Manicare Heated Lash Curler

The key to long, sexy fluttering eyelashes is all in the first steps – the prep, if you will. And for me, that starts with a lash curler to really shake things up. An eyelash curler is essential to any kit because it “acts as a push-up bra for your eyelashes” – as the iconic Charlotte Tilbury so famously said! When you apply mascara after using an eyelash curler, you’ll instantly notice the difference it makes to your eye makeup, as your lashes will appear longer, and your whole eye area lifted and gorgeous.
I’ve always used a manual lash curler, until I was lucky enough to be gifted Glam by Manicare’s portable, handheld Heated Lash Curler to play with, which takes things to a whole new level.

Perfect for all lashes – including eyelash extensions - it works much like other heated hair tools, locking in and delivering a more intense curl that lasts longer. And yep, it’s way safer than the well-known hack of using a hair dryer to heat up a traditional lash curler – which I’m amazed is still around!
Designed using tech smart silicone pads, the Glam by Manicare Heated Lash Curler gently lifts and curls lashes in a super speedy 60 seconds. The curved dual silicone pads cushion and protect lashes without crimping, pulling or damaging natural lashes, and I love that the device warms to a precise 73 degrees Celsius, which has been exhaustively tested and found to be a safe and effective temperature for heating lashes. The two heated silicone pads are also temperature sensitive, turning from pink to clear when ready so you know exactly when to lock them on.
To use them: 
  1. Start by ensuring you have clean, dry lashes - if you already have mascara on, this could break your existing lashes, which is not ideal.
  2. After inserting two AAA batteries, slide the power switch on the Glam by Manicare Heated Lash Curler to ON and wait for the silicone pads to change colour from pink to clear, indicating that the curler is ready for use.
  3. Hold the curler with the front facing the face and lightly clamp clean, dry lashes with the silicone pads by pushing the slider upwards.
  4. Hold for 10-15 seconds on both eyes, repeating until the desired level of curl is achieved.
  5. Once finished, don’t forget to slide the power switch OFF!
  6. Apply lashings of your favourite mascara formula and go forth into your day.

The Glam by Manicare Heated Lash Curler (RRP $39.99) is available now at selected Chemist Warehouse stores, Farmers Department stores and selected Life, Unichem and independent pharmacies, as well as online.

Main photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash


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