What a steal: Rimmel’s new Wonder’Full Brow

There has been a full focus placed on brows over the last few years, with brow styles now ever evolving and a slew of products you can use to create your ‘best brows ever’. Many of these products are unnecessary IMHO, and often wildly overpriced considering how little they do.
One product that I do think is an absolute no-brainer however is a great brow gel, and when they come complete with a tint it’s even better. Some of the luxury brands have released their own versions that are insanely sub-par given the price point, but one high street brand that has absolutely nailed a truly high performance brow gel is Rimmel – and it’s less than $18 a tube!
Called Wonder’Full Brow, it is a seriously impressive, 24 hour wear, waterproof brow gel with fibres that ensure daily arch perfection that lasts and lasts. The key element is the aforementioned 2mm flower-shaped fibres, which impart major volume and fullness and make it perfect for between brow services as well as doing a very admirable job all on its own. With three shades on offer it is officially an all-in-one marvel, as it colours, fills and tames brows in a single stroke to easily build full, perfected arches that wear all day and night. 
It also comes with a mistake-proof application factor as the tiny tapered brush accurately grabs and coats each and every hair. With three carefully selected shades to choose from – Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown – it’s easy to find the right flattering hue for you, and it’s easy to remove at the end of the night. I highly recommend this truly magical formula, and the price makes it a serious beauty steal if ever there was one.
Rimmel Wonder’Full Brow comes with an RRP of $17.99 and is available right now from Farmers, The Warehouse, Kmart, and Chemist Warehouse stores. 


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