Love it: MAKETHEMAKE's stellar makeup brushes

When I first met with the lovely – and super passionate! – Catherine Tong from Scandi beauty hub, The Skin Wardrobe, the first brand she told me about was MAKETHEMAKE.
Makeup-infused skincare, formulated and designed by skin therapists, MAKETHEMAKE is a company that understands and focuses on ways to optimise the skin’s overall health as well as creating a flawless finish. All of the brand’s products contain scientifically proven, highly active ingredients, and founder Annica Forsgren (a friend of Catherine’s) sees MAKETHEMAKE’s offering as a true extension to your skincare routine as it creates a flawless base to build upon. The award-winning range includes products suitable for all skin types and skin tones, as well as multitasking marvels that focus on simplifying your routine and making the most of your natural beauty.
The element of MAKETHEMAKE’s offering that I’ve been lucky enough to be able to play with is their foundation brush, one of a set of custom designed, high quality makeup brushes designed with natural beauty in mind. The new innovation in brush design and application technique gives your skin a natural, ’soft focus’ look, and they are big on aesthetics as well as performance. The brushes are designed with user friendliness in mind, and definitely won’t disappear into a cluttered bathroom drawer anytime soon.
All MAKETHEMAKE brushes are made of Taklon – a vegan synthetic fibre designed to give a better user experience than natural hair does. The off-white bristles are placed extremely tightly together to deliver as soft and precise a result as possible, regardless which level of coverage you go for, or even what products you use. Taklon has a smoother surface than natural hair, which is why it’s a more hygienic choice of material. Due to the surface being more difficult for bacteria to attach to, it is also super easy to clean, especially when you use MAKETHEMAKE’s simple but super effective brush cleaning bowl, which is a veritable game-changer if you’re a reluctant/lazy regular brush cleaner like me! The bristles in the brushes have different levels of coarseness, making them perfect for picking up the product and dispersing an optimal amount onto your skin upon application. In addition, the short shaft allows for close, precision application and fits easily into any make-up bag, whilst the flat bottom of the shaft means it can stand up between applications. Genius!
I love that each MAKETHEMAKE brush comes in a practical, resealable bag where you can store them when not in use, which is both hygienic and protects the brushes to protect their lifespan. You can also use the beautifully designed official Brush Bag for storing other makeup items, and it’s brilliant for travel and when you’re on-the-go. I’ve found the foundation brush I have been using an absolute breeze to use, especially after I nailed the application technique designed to work with it that I watched online. Once you’ve tried it you seriously won’t be able to give it up, and its minimalist Scandinavian style makes the experience all the sweeter.
Lastly, the brand is super affordable given the time and energy that has been put into each product before it comes to market, and I for one can’t wait to explore more. To find out more about the brand and what else Catherine has curated for exclusive distribution in New Zealand, head here.


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