Love it: Kérastase's new 8H Magic Night Serum

Continuing on their quest to create high performance haircare with the kind of careful approach more akin to next level, luxury skincare, the amazing team at Kérastase has unveiled what is quite possibly the missing step in your bedtime routine.
You wouldn’t dream of hitting the sheets without completing your night time beauty routine, but what about your hair? Is it just a matter of pulling it all back in a ballerina bun and be done with it? Known for serving up the most luxe of haircare products, Kérastase's new 8H Magic Night Serum has arrived to enable you to seamlessly bring haircare into your nightly routine and redefine the term ‘beauty sleep’ when it comes to your locks.
An overnight leave-in serum that is in salon now, 8H Magic Night Serum gives a nourishing boost to all dry hair types – be they wavy, straight or curly.  Super lightweight to use and quickly absorbed, it tackles the likes of dryness, dullness, damage and breakage with aplomb, going to work and delivering real results while you sleep.
Key ingredients in the formula include Iris Root Extract – which continually nurtures and coats hair fibres over eight hours, while reversing loss of nutrients – and a Five Vitamin Blend that seals nutrients and anchors roots to leave the hair with a truly satin finish. And not only does the product replenish the nutrients and moisture lost from factors such as hot-tool styling and environmental elements during the day, but it also takes into consideration the challenges hair meets when you're sleeping. How so? I use a silk satin pillowcase, but other types can lead to hair cuticle damage. 8H Magic Night Serum works to protect your strands from pillow friction and provides hydration to combat the drying effects brought on by any heat or AC in your bedroom.
The easy-to-use serum's process is made up of two simple steps, so although it is an extra step in your routine, it’s not an arduous one. First, spread the product in your hands, and then disperse it evenly throughout your hair lengths and ends. The milky-gel like cream literally melts into the hair and is quickly absorbed, leaving behind a soothing lavender essence to help with deep sleep.
The next morning there is no need to get up early to rinse, just roll out of bed with lightweight, shiny strands.
Kérastase 8H Magic Night Serum has an RRP of $70 - which isn’t cheap, but think about how much you spent on your last moisturiser! And you wouldn’t dream of hitting the sheets without completing your night time beauty routine, would you?


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