Love it: YSL Beauté Vernis À Lèvres Water Stain

I have long maintained that I’m not a fan of gloss – it’s sticky, gloopy and wears off way too fast, as well as being a health hazard when you have lots of hair like me and it ensures that a large chunk of it becomes trapped in my mouth! I love the look of it though, so when I got wind of YSL Beauté’s brand new Vernis À Lèvres Water Stain I definitely wanted in.
A long lasting lip colour that is glossy but – hallelujah! – never sticky, it has answered my gloss dreams by also being amazingly long-lasting but also comfortable to wear. Oh and did I mention that it comes with pigment plus so just a couple of swipes will do? Major boxes ticked, and then some.
Giving a durable wet and intense look to the lips, it has the feel of a thin watery-ish film that I honestly though wouldn’t look like much, let alone last. How wrong was I. It is also super easy to layer to give a shine that is subtle or intense, and looks incredibly pretty to boot. The innovation of the formula, which is composed of up to 40 per cent actual water, provides a unique thin film that envelops the lips with a cool and watery feel. To get the perfect look go for a single layer for a light splash of colour to enhance the lips and 2-3 layers for full colour and shine. A summer release in the Northern Hemisphere, I think this works equally as well Down Under when applied using the latter technique, and by day it’s a lot softer than a matte if you like a blod, bright shade.
It also comes in 16 beautiful colour options, which come with names inspired by the light, watery sensation of the formula. Encompassing all shades of nude, orange, pink and reds, the colour range was designed by Global Beauty Director Tom Pecheux to enhance all skin tones from light to dark.
If you are a fan of nudes then the shades for you are:
606 - Rosewood Flow
610 - Nude Underwater
616 - Bathed In Beige *online exclusive*
617 - Dive In The Nude
For reds:
612 - Rouge Deluge
613 - Cascade Bordeaux
615 - Ruby Wave
618 - Wet Vermillon
Some beautiful pinks:
601 - Fuchsia Tide
602 - Vague De Rouge
608 - Flot De Fuchsia
614 - Rose Immerge
Warm corals and orange tones:
609 - Submerged Coral
605 - Bain De Corail
604 - Peach Plunge *online exclusive*
607 - Inondation Orange
YSL Beauté Vernis À Lèvres Water Stain is available exclusively from Farmers from next Wednesday, and then on counter at Department Stores and Pharmacies from August. RRP $69.


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