All about: PREVAGE’s Progressive Renewal Treatment peel

Despite the negative publicity that emerged following their initial arrival in the general beauty realm over ten years ago, I think that peels are an absolute essential for healthy, happy skin. They are no longer the scary numbers that caused all those shocking ‘after’ pics that once littered the internet, and high performance formulas from tried and tested brands are the ideal skin refreshing treatment, and able to treat all skin types and concerns. They deliver instant results with very little irritation, and really do have the power to dramatically transform skin.   
One stellar peel system to have arrived on counters over the past few months is from PREVAGE, and takes the form of the Progressive Renewal Treatment. Designed to “redefine skincare peels”, it is a powerful four-week resurfacing regimen that gently exfoliates surface skin cells and enhances natural cell turnover.  Featuring the brand’s newest breakthrough in peel technology, Polyhydroxy Acid, freshly mixed with their powerful, signature antioxidant, Idebenone, the PREVAGE Progressive Renewal Treatment helps jumpstart skin renewal as well as protect newly-revealed skin cells from environmental aggressors.  The end result is skin that is fresh, glowing, and evenly toned. 
It works by using a unique system of four progressively stronger formulas. Each ampoule contains a seven-day supply and every week the formula becomes more powerful—optimising efficacy and minimising the potential for irritation. This ensures skin will neither freak out nor act up, and you can see results almost as they happen.
On the ingredient front, the Progressive Renewal Treatment is composed of four complementary elements to address visible signs of ageing and lacklustre tone: Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA), Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Idebenone, and a pH Buffer. PHA and AHA resurface the skin as they exfoliate, gently sloughing off dead skin cells and enhancing natural cell turnover.  PHA is a new age Hydroxy Acid that has been called a game-changer for sensitive skin because its larger molecule size is less irritating and more moisturising.  Each ampoule delivers increasingly higher concentrations of Hydroxy Acids that prepare skin over time for optimal resurfacing benefits with less potential for irritation. The pH buffering Phosphate Salts in the formula help maintain low pH on skin during use so that the low pH formula can more effectively resurface skin, whilst Idebenone helps to protect against environmental aggressors that lead to the visible signs of premature ageing. Pretty amazing huh?
To see the results yourself, start with the Phase 1 ampoule, pressing the button to release the Idebenone from the ampoule cap.  Shake evenly until mixed, then replace the cap with the dropper.  Smooth the formula onto your entire face after cleansing and before heading to bed. Repeat daily for one week, shaking the ampoule before each use, before moving onto the next ampoule, then repeat the entire process for Phases 2-4. Too easy.
The PREVAGE Progressive Renewal Treatment has an RRP of $299, which when compared to having a series of in salon peels is actually really reasonable if you have the coin to spare. It’s also a great way to ease into the idea of peels if you’re a little unsure, and has proven results.
This magic little system is available now at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide.


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