Love it: La Prairie's Cellular 3-Minute Peel

Being a possession of pretty sensitive skin that most definitely goes rogue on a regular basis, I’ve avoided most exfoliants like the plague over the last few years with good reason. The mechanical ones are a definite no-no, whilst many of the chemical ones don’t quite do the trick with any sort of decent result. I have become a fan of peels though, which when done right serve to renew and strengthen my skin as well as soothe when it’s at its most fractious.
One I discovered after an incredible facial in the La Prairie beauty room at Smith & Caughey’s Queen Street is La Prairie's Cellular 3-Minute Peel, which is an at-home product that I am now shamelessly obsessed by. Essentially, it serves as a weekly booster to help renew, refresh and revitalise skin – and it works. A gentle yet most definitely potent peel, it polishes and refines skin by helping to usher fresh, young cells to the surface using a unique ingredient mix. Formulated with AHAs and BHAs, salicylic acid and mixed fruit acids, it is a global beauty editor favourite with good reason. 
Designed for skin that has lost some of its elasticity and developed enlarged pores, it is an incredibly fast-acting mask that contains concentrated exfoliants to speed up cell renewal in a very life-friendly period of time. Easy to use and super fast acting (three minutes like the name says!) it refines without irritation and is the perfect treat before your favourite products. It helps shrink the appearance of pores, improves elasticity, hydrates the skin and helps protect against moisture loss, and you really feel results right away. The fact that it is so speedy means that consistent use is a very real option, and weekly use will really see results. It takes a couple of weeks to see any improvement in dark spots and fine lines, but before you know it' your skin will see a radical re-set taking place literally before your eyes. And despite being a peel with really quite strong ingredients, it's very gentle on my skin and requires no down time afterwards.
I love that it comes with an applicator so that you don't waste too much product, and in true La Prairie style, the little brush mounted on the side just makes it all feel so much more luxe. It’s a pricey product but worth it if you need a strong yet gentle peel, and as I said, the results are pretty amazing. It’s also very attractive to the time poor who can’t spare an hour every week to visit their facialist, and is a worthy addition to any skincare regime.
La Prairie's Cellular 3-Minute Peel is on counter now and comes highly recommended, RRP $365 for a 40ml jar.


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