Love it: the Living Proof Colour Care Collection

I have been obsessed by the cult US haircare brand Living Proof since it first launched, buying up bits and pieces from the collection whenever I passed through the States. I have their travel minis on hand for whenever I’m lucky enough to be boarding a plane (their dry shampoo just may be the Holy Grail of its ilk), and have used their shampoos and conditioners over the years whenever I have enough space in my luggage to stock up.
So, when the brand landed locally at Mecca Cosmetica I was over the moon, and basically said goodbye to ever having spare cash again… ha ha! The latest specialist release from Living Proof is one I am lucky enough to have been gifted, and have been putting to the test since it arrived on my doorstep. Called the Colour Care collection, each product features a silicone-free system that effectively helps stop colour fading and improves the health of hair over time, without any trade-offs. When you consider how often you need to tone and or refresh your colour to keep it looking flawless this is a huge bonus in terms of hair health (as well as your wallet’s), and I could not have been happier to give it a whirl.
The breakthrough Colour Care system in the line that makes hair colour last an amazing two times longer is powered by the newest patented technology, the Locking Molecule (CPULA), which helps lock in colour - even after your hair has been rinsed. There is even a UV filter in Colour Care Shampoo that is positively charged so it’s substantive to hair and actually limits wash-off. Amazing.
The collection features a Shampoo, Conditioner and two shades of Whipped Glazes, all of which are formulated without the silicones typically used in colour care ranges. Additionally, it is sulphate-free and includes other ingredients that provide benefits for colour-treated hair, and I’m totally in love. The Colour Care Shampoo protects against hard water as well as UV, whilst the Colour Care Conditioner forms a protective layer to help lock in colour and helps replenish the outer layer often damaged during the colouring process. The latter has been an absolute godsend for my damaged ends, eliminating frizz and keeping my tone super fresh. The Colour Care Whipped Glaze comes in Light and Dark, and essentially deposits temporary colour to instantly boost vibrancy, counteract fading and rebalance tone and/or brassiness. You apply them to clean, detangled towel-dried hair by applying a small amount through sections, from roots to ends. Comb through to evenly distribute - applying more as needed – then drying and styling as usual. Too easy. You can reapply your glaze as needed to maintain your desired colour, and it’s recommended that you begin using your glaze when you first start to see a shift in your tone. 
The Living Proof Colour Care collection is available right now in New Zealand exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima and online at 


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