What a steal: Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

I first read about Vaseline’s Spray Moisturiser back in 2013, when Allure magazine named it in their Best of Beauty 2013 awards as one of THE Breakthrough Products for the year. It’s taken its sweet time making its way down here, so I was dying to know if it lived up to hype… The answer? Yep, and then some!
The world can’t seem to get enough of the innovative new spray and go concept with good reason.
After stepping out of the shower and drying off you just hold the can approximately 10cm from your body and press down on the nozzle. It sprays a constant mist of moisturiser that is lighter, easier and faster to rub in than a traditional lotion or cream and yep, you can get dressed almost immediately. The nozzle has a 360 degree spray, too, so you can even hydrate those hard-to-reach areas like your back.
This new way to moisturise comes in three different variants, which deliver a continuous, non-sticky mist containing the ultimate humectant, glycerin, onto skin with the help of compressed air rather than drying alcohol-based propellants (i.e., the stuff that makes most sprays spray).
Total Moisture has a subtle scent and oat extract to nourish dry and sensitive skin, Aloe Fresh is lighter and slightly cooling due to the pure aloe and Cocoa Glow has a stronger scent because of the cocoa butter that gives a more intense hit of hydration.
It really is the ultimate lazy girl's body lotion. You can mist your entire body in ten seconds (seriously), do a half-assed job rubbing it in, and feel ready to go in another ten. Just be careful to spray directly onto your skin to avoid slippery bathroom tiles - I learnt the hard way!
These babies are in store now with an RRP of $10.99... i.e. a TOTAL steal.


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