All about: the new Kevin Murphy PLUMPING.LINE

From the day it first hit the salons the Kevin Murphy haircare brand has always been about beautiful, big hair, and I have loved them long time for it. I’m one of the lucky ones who was born with thick hair  - long may it last - so have used their Angel and Young.Again lines over the years, but was very excited to gift a friend their brand new PLUMPING.LINE when it landed on my desk a couple of weeks ago.
The PLUMPING.LINE has been designed to create thicker, fuller hair, and my friend has been looking for exactly that for years now after her hair was damaged by colour treatments, iron overuse and general naughty hair habits, leading to severely thinning locks. Inspired by eyelash thickening technology, the new Kevin Murphy line helps prevent hair loss while strengthening and stimulating hair, making it feel thicker instantly - exactly what every woman wants.
The range includes PLUMPING.WASH, PLUMPING.RINSE and the BODY.MASS treatment, each of which lengthen the growing (Anagen) phase of hair to lessen the falling or resting phase. The result is more Anagen hairs per head, delivering fuller, plumper locks.
Plumping Wash is a thickening and densifying shampoo that uses the ingredient Ginger Root for its high levels of zinc, which counteract DHT levels and creates a growth accelerator while reducing hair loss. The likes of Shea Butter and Rice amino acids are then added to deliver moisture and protect against environmental damage and dryness. Last up, nettle extract is packed with Vitamin A and C, and its stimulating qualities also help increase microcirculation to the scalp. This amazing shampoo is thickening, exfoliating and a great hair-growth accelerator.
The Plumping Rinse helps to nourish and restore, for thicker, stronger hair. Its key ingredients are Vitamin B, Rice protein and Rice amino acids. The Rice protein strengthens while providing abrasion resistance, and the amino acids help with hair repair.
The last product in this range, and perhaps the most important, is Body Mass. A leave-in plumping treatment, it works to strengthenyour hair, making it appear fuller and thicker instantly. Key ingredients are Parsley extract, which contains concentrated levels of Apigenin (this helps promote blood flow to the scalp), and Lotus Flower Extract, to purify, rebalance and regenerate.
After a couple of weeks’ use my friend has noticed an amazing difference in her hair, citing Body Mass as an absolute essential each and every time she washes. She says that the beautiful fragrance of all three products is a definite bonus, too. All round amazing really - if you’re thinning on top then this comes highly recommended, and the pretty pink packaging gets an extra thumbs up in my books too!


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