Beauty news: Bobbi Brown re-formulates the iconic Skin Foundation Stick

She calls it the “ultimate nude foundation”, and when you’re as involved in makeup development and application as much as Bobbi Brown is… you know to take that call seriously!
The formula she is referring to is her iconic Skin Foundation Stick, which debuted in 1992 and revolutionised the humble base. Now over twenty years later it’s back - with new packaging and a killer new formula that I was lucky enough to have a play with over soda and delicious snacks with Kai Vinson, Bobbi’s main man in Hong Kong and Director of Artistry and Education for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
Kai told me that it was one of the most popular launches of the year for him, and I have to agree. The new formula features a multi-layered translucent base that allows for optimal skin tone matching - there are 24 shades to choose from that are completely ‘colour true’.
I’ve been wearing the older formula and absolutely adore it due to the fact that it is designed for portability and adjustable coverage. It’s so easy to apply it’s ridiculous - just pop a few dots on and blend all over the face or just where you need it. You can use fingers, a sponge or - my pick - a foundation brush to blend, meaning it’s perfect for the handbag or on holiday. It melts into your skin in seconds with an almost ‘soft focus’ effect, and it’s super long wearing unless you’re doing major exercise or sweating more than normal in the heat.
The new formula is oil and shine controlling as well as sweat and humidity resistant apparently, but has the likes of shea butter included to form a protective barrier to lock in moisture. This means that it controls shine but won’t dry you out, whilst Olive Squalane helps moisturise your skin and supplements the essential fatty acids that occur naturally. Amazing.
Could this be the perfect foundation? So far, sounds incredible - I can’t wait to get my hands on it!
The new formula hits stores on May 12, 2014.


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