Love it: the Essie Fall 2014 collection

It’s hitting New Zealand shores a while after its release in the States, but Essie’s Fall collection is well worth the wait and simply delicious.
There are a number of beautiful shades on show but my absolute favourite is Cashmere Bathrobe (pictured), which is a dark grey with a pretty silver shimmer that I didn’t pick up on at first. The shimmer is a touch on the hidden side, I could see it indoors and in the shade but it wasn't as in your face as many, which gets the ticks from me. Like all of the Essie shades I’ve tried the formula has a nice even consistency and the opacity was great.
Vested Interest is my next pick, a dusty green crème that is perfectly greyed out for lovers of warm, unique neutrals like me. It too is a perfect pick for Autumn and in store now - so what are you waiting for?


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