Beauty news: the legendary Calyx is reborn thanks to Clinique

A cult favourite scent that is sparkling and fresh, the exquisite Calyx has been called “energizing and audacious”, as well as “ideal for the fragrance connoisseur who appreciates the fresh distinction of this unique and highly acclaimed scent”. I say just go have a sniff - the scent is sheer beauty.
Calyx, which originally launched in 1986 under the beauty brand Prescriptives, transformed the fragrance industry at the time. There was nothing else out there like it. And ever since, its unique citrus scent entangled with a full bouquet of florals as well as fresh green notes have kept many captivated. However, when Prescriptives became strictly available online only, access to the scent was limited and its light began to dim, so it is amazing news that Clinique (an Estee Lauder sister brand to Prescriptives) is redebuting the fragrance—on their site and at their counters—with the same exact original notes, just with their logo now stamped on the bottle.
Back in 1986 Sophia Grojsman developed Calyx and properly shook up the status quo with its lightness and greenery. It delivers a swift rush of citrus at first sniff and the floral notes that develop afterward are lush, fertile, green and exceptionally vivid. Come 2014 and it retains the same formula as it did in 1986, and somehow it still stands out from other fruity florals in the marketplace. Everything old is new again, and I for one couldn't be happier.
And if you happen to not be familiar with the scent, simply knowing the true definition of the word 'calyx' gives a hint to its unique allure: "the sepals of a flower, typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud." Gorgeous.


  1. so, still online exclusively? Or are we able to purchase from a store in New Zealand?


  2. On every Clinique counter in New Zealand Nicole : )


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