Love it: Yves Saint Laurent CC Crème Forever Light Creator

I am all about CC creams, their colour-correcting properties mean we can lay low on the coverage but still create an even, close-to-perfected complexion when and where we want. What’s not to love? The latest YSL release - CC Crème Forever Light Creator - offers just that, with a beautiful formula that aims to instantly act on colour irregularities, from redness to dark spots and other imperfections, and also work deep down to correct the skin in the long-run too.
Most of us have a few imperfections that we need help with, whether they are pores, blemishes or uneven tone - this is where a CC comes in. While you can layer up the foundation, sometimes this looks worse than when you started. CC crème doesn't do that much in terms of coverage, but instead aims to correct the problem and help to promote a more flawless complexion. 

Anyway, the newie from Yves Saint Laurent - which must be the chic-est CC Crème on the block, seriously - also works on the skin to visibly improve the skin in just one week, providing a boost of hydration and that 'lit from within' glow we all crave while it does its stuff. It’s part of the Forever Light Creator line, which consists of products based on the exclusive Glycanactif WT complex. This was developed around glycobiology, the area of biology linked to sugar chains or glycans, to create a formula capable of correcting skin pigmentation flaws while brightening the complexion. 
In short, the luxury beauty brand aims to give every woman the possibility of a flawless complexion. According to Yves Saint Laurent, long-term use of the product results in smoother, brighter and more even skin tone and a reduction in shadowed areas and dark spots, which gets claps all round. It also hydrates and gives SPF 35 protection, and comes in three tones. 'Rose' is best for bringing our pink tones in dull tired skin, 'Apricot' gives skin a golden glow and corrects uneven tones, while 'Lavender' neutralises yellow tones.
In practice, the light texture is definitely a breeze to apply and a little goes a long way - just apply a small amount on to moisturised skin and blend with fingers or a brush. I then follow with a light base to ensure skin is prepped to perfection - et voilà! Job done! I love this stuff, and it’s on counter in New Zealand from April 21.


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