Recipe love: getting a very healthy dose of the blues

Dark red and blue berries - such as blueberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and cranberries - all help your body make strong collagen, keeping your skin supple, smooth and healthy. This action is due to the anthocyanidins found in these little bundles of goodness: they stabilise collagen fibres, making them more resistant to being broken down by collagenase, a process that gets out of control as we age or are exposed to UV rays.
Another benefit these fruits offer is their ability to help protect our skin from the sun. Blackcurrants in particular reduce the ageing effect of UV rays by neutralising free radicals, whilst blueberries are not just anti‐aging superstars. They’re also remarkably versatile, so you can pop them in a smoothie (a favourite of mine with a splash of Bestow Beauty Oil) or even throw them on as part of a masque.
Famously rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, blueberries can help neutralise the free radicals that damage skin cells. They’re jam packed with vitamins A and C, and are known as miracle fruits for treating everthying from acne and blemishes to fine lines, broken capillaries and dryness.

I buy frozen organic berries from the marvellous OOB, defrost them in the fridge and add them to my porridge every day, but was just sent this masque recipe that I think could be just the ticket for getting some topical goodness during the cooler months:

Blueberry Beauty Mask
¼ cup OOB blueberries
1 tbsp raw, organic honey
1 tbsp organic olive oil

1. Throw all of the ingredients into a blender and blend well.
2. Evenly apply all over the face, apart from the eye and lip area which should stay masque-free.
3. Leave the masque on for around five minutes, letting it really sink in and hydrate and nourish the skin.
4. Remove with a damp cloth. Voila, soft, plump and happy skin!


  1. Just wondering if the first picture of the dark fruits...are they damson plums?

  2. It's a super up close shot of some blueberries : )

  3. thanks Helene, a bit fanatical I know but do love damsons and was hoping that they had the magical properties I always felt they had. Mary

  4. Aha! I am certain there are some magical properties in there somewhere - they taste far too good NOT to be good for you!


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