All about: Certified Organic Cosima Skincare

I have to admit that when’s wonderful founder Jenna contacted me about Cosima Skincare I was completely unaware of it, which was a big mistake! Australia’s first Certified Organic Cosmeceutical range, it has some serious research and reviews to back it up, and I was very excited to hear that Jenna would be stocking it exclusively in New Zealand and sending me some samples to have a play with. It’s a fabulous job but someone’s gotta do it, huh?
Manufactured in Australia, Cosima Skincare is certified organic under the Organic Food Chain, and the first Australian cosmeceutical brand to hold this accreditation. By ‘cosmeceutical’ we’re talking clinically proven results, and active ingredients that go way beyond just the surface of the skin.
I was intrigued by the sound of the Cosima Flawless Range, which features what they call ‘Natural Alternatives to Botox” and has been getting some great customer and media reviews. At the moment I’m trialling the Flawless Eye Cream, which is a multi-functional eye cream with clinically proven actives targeting the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, firmness, tone, dark circles and vascular (vein) imperfections. It is definitely an expert de-puffer in the mornings and feels beautiful on the skin, although you have to remember not to touch it or try and move it around for a couple of minutes to allow it to really do its thing. Apparently results continue to improve the longer you use it too, so I’m going to keep at it with zero hesitation!
I’ve also fallen in love with their Firming Body Lotion in the lead up to a trip to France in less than two weeks’ time - it smells absolutely wonderful and if it can get my winter bod in more of a summer mode then I’m all for it.
The Cosima Skincare range is available online from, and I highly recommend that you check it out!  


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