Beauty news: Say hello to a Good Night sleep

I’m usually a good sleeper but I have my ‘moments’, and I live with a man who has serious sleeping troubles that cause more than a few moments of grumpiness come morning light. We’ve both also tried all manner of natural sleep solutions, most of which seem to make little impact but hey, we tried!
One new experiment that has worked - and quite nicely thank you - has come in the form of a can, and I admit that at first I was a little skeptical. A relaxation ‘drink’, housed in what looks like an energy drink can? Surely you jest! But no - it actually works.
Called “the premium European relaxation drink”, it’s called - naturally - Good Night. It has been specifically developed to help relieve feelings of stress and support overall quality of sleep, and has the calming affects of valerian, lavender and rose hip extract in each tiny can.
Valerian has been used for centuries to ease sleep problems, whilst Lavender has a legendary reputation for assisting with anxiety and sleep disturbances. Rose Hip has been used to combat stress and is renowned for its restorative and antioxidant properties. Also on the plus side, Good Night contains no preservatives, artificial colours or sweeteners.
The best time to drink Good Night is 30-45 minutes before going to sleep, and the creators say that some people also use Good Night after work as a means to combat stress.
Sleep is an absolute essential - for your mind, your body and your skin. Over 50 per cent of all New Zealanders say they never wake up feeling refreshed, while 25 per cent will report having a chronic sleep problem. In the last financial year, Pharmac recorded that close to 680,000 sleeping pill prescriptions were doled out around the country, which in a country of just over four million is far from ideal.
Enter Good Night then - which gets the big tick from me. 


  1. Cool design, natural taste, premium ingredients, proven results. Love this idea!

  2. Cool design, natural taste, premium ingredients, proven results. Love this idea!



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