All about: Savar Essential Cleansing Lotion

I’m a big fan of New Zealand skincare company Savar, not just because their products actually work and their packaging is sleek and beautifully understated, but also because of the totally non-nonsense modus operandi behind the creation of each of their releases. They do what they say and they do it well - with minimal frippery or overblown ad campaigns.
Their latest offering - Essential Cleansing Lotion - is no different, and a brilliant multitasker to boot. For a start, it gently and effectively removes all traces of makeup - including mascara - and feels like heaven on the skin, making it perfect for dry or sensitive types. In addition, it does double-duty as an exfoliant - making it a new must-have in my travel bag. Just combine two tablespoons of instant oats (the go-to natural ingredient for gorgeously buffed skin) with two tablespoons of Essential Cleansing Lotion and you have an inexpensive, easy as gentle exfoliator. Magic!
Ingredients include premium New Zealand calendula, organic sunflower and sweet orange, and it’s 99 per cent natural and comes in a recyclable pump bottle.
This little wonder is available now at, so what are you waiting for?


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