Beauty news: Kate Moss opens up to Allure magazine

She’s a living icon and a cover star many times over, but rarely do we get to hear The Fashion Oracle that is Ms. Kate Moss speak - let alone share beauty and style tips and hints.
Lucky for us then that she has opened up to the equally iconic Allure magazine, with an issue covered by - and featuring a lengthy interview with - Kate appearing very shortly on the stands. They have placed a few key teasers here and there, with my favourite thus far being how to get that effortlessly cool hair:
"Even at her most glamorous, Kate has a natural ease," says hairstylist Sam McKnight. To convey a sexy, unfussy feeling, he raked a palmful of volumizing mousse from roots to ends and dried Moss's hair with a round brush, then pinned it into 12 sections. After the hair cooled, McKnight smoothed it with a Mason Pearson brush. He finished by misting a texturizing spray all over for shiny, undone bends. On her own, says Moss, "I use that Moroccanoil stuff, and then I blow-dry it upside down and brush it. Maybe I'll give it a back-comb at the top." And her one cardinal hair-care rule? "Always clean hair. That's a must. If in doubt, wash it."


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