All about: BioBalance Organic Coconut Oil

I’ve been using coconut oil for all manner of things for a good long while now with good reason - it is an absolute wonder ingredient and an essential for every pantry, bathroom, first aid kit and more! It is often referred to as “nature’s miracle oil” and the people of Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific have believed in its medicinal values since time began. Coconuts are full of rich vitamins, minerals and beneficial oils that we can eat as well as nourish our bodies with, inside and out, and it is definitely the unsung hero of the beauty cabinet in my humble opinion.
The latest brand I’ve been using is BioBalance Organic Coconut oil, which I have been using for everything from scrambling eggs to soothing my son’s eczema - and that’s just for starters! It is the perfect hair ‘fix’ in a jar as it enhances shine and works to preserve the hair’s natural proteins, and as it’s rich in antioxidants is makes for an amazing moisturiser. Its small molecular structure allows it to easily absorb into the skin and penetrate the connective tissues to make them strong and flexible, and its antibacterial properties make it a great choice for tending rashes in animals and children too.
BioBalance have some good tips for using their wonderful product, which include:
* Apply directly onto your scalp. Massage hair from roots to ends. Leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing. For best results, leave on for as long as you can and apply at least three times per week.
* For deeper penetration, leave on overnight (cover your head with a cap or towel, or lay a towel across your pillow). Shampoo and rinse well in the morning.
* Add to the bath! Add a few drops of coconut oil to your bath water for beautifully soft, smooth skin! This is great if you have eczema or dermatitis, which is rife in our family.
* Coconut makes for a great massage oil, the scent is warm and instantly transports you to the Tropics!
* For an instant stress reliever, try massaging just your temples with a little coconut oil.
When you’re done in the bathroom, take BioBalance Organic Coconut oil to the kitchen and get cooking - it’s perfect for frying as it is able to resist the heat-induced damage that affects other vegetable oils, and its lightly nutty flavour is seriously addictive.
Last up, BioBalance Organic Coconut oil is sourced in Sri Lanka, cold pressed and unrefined, and is not bleached, deodorised or hydrogenated - love that. You can buy it and many other goodies here.


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