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It never ceases to amaze me when I am alerted about - and luckily, often sent - another new New Zealand natural and/or organic skincare line, mainly because so many of them are so damn good. We do it often and we do it well, and our killer brands are really putting Aotearoa on the map as a serious beauty contender.
The latest that I have learned a little about is Plantæ Certified Organic Skincare, which is a second generation business based in Nelson creating some very special products. ‘Plantæ’ is latin for ‘plant kingdom’, and is the work of qualified lab technologist Carol Priest and her daughters Janelle, Jacinta and Fiona, the latter being responsible for their gorgeous packaging. It’s a true family business, with Carol saying, “my daughters were brought up on organic food. I can see the benefits of organics for personal health, the community and our ecosystem. Certified organic skin care is the next step. It’s logical really”.
One of my favourite products so far from the range is the Rose Essential Water, which Plantæ have created as a unique toner with a synergistic anti-ageing complex of Auvergne Pine Bark and Blackcurrant Leaf – both powerful anti-oxidants. The blend includes pure organic Bulgarian Rose Otto oil and pure steam-distilled Rose Water from Rose Damascena petals, and to say that it smells like heaven would be an understatement!
Their newest product release is Rosehip Fruit Omega Rich Night Cream, which they say is “perfect for those long winter nights” and includes ingredients like Blackcurrant Leaf and Pine Bark Extract. Carol calls it a “natural skin vitamin cream” that feeds the skin utilising a large percentage of New Zealand-sourced nutritive organic essential fatty acid seed oils, such as certified organic beeswax from the Central South Island, borage and evening primrose seed oils. Also in the mix is Pacific Blue Lavender from a local Brightwater farm in Nelson, so you can actually see where all of the good stuff is coming from as well as what it does for your skin!
I have three of these beautiful new night creams to giveaway this week, just email me at with your name and courier address and you’re in the draw!


  1. Thank you again Ms Helene. This lovely cream arrived last night. It smells divine and is so rich on my skin. I needed a new night cream too so well timed. Mary :)


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