What a steal: NIVEA Irresistibly Smooth Body Soufflé

NIVEA is a brand that always fits well into the ‘What a steal’ category, the criteria for which is that the product a) actually does what it says and b) is an insanely good price.
Their new Irresistibly Smooth Body Soufflé ticks both of those boxes, and is the perfect answer to skin that’s about to start drying out as the cooler weather creeps in, taking moisture from the air along with it. It’s specially formulated for dry skin that needs a little extra moisture, and as with all NIVEA body care products, this new light cream contains the brand’s famous Hydra IQ technology, which cleverly hydrates skin from within by stimulating its own moisture networks. This beautifully soft formula also contains Shea Butter, which conditions the skin and prevents moisture from escaping, and has a lightly whipped texture that absorbs super fast and is perfect for post-shower dressing.
Oh, and it retails for $10.96 for a large tub… steal!


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