Beauty news: Stephen Marr’s Hair Enhancement service

I know so many women who regularly complain about thinning, damaged and just plain worn out hair that no amount of volumising products or intensive treatments will fix. They rant, they rave, they despair… and they constantly sport a topknot AKA the universally unflattering Bondi Bun, or a selection of hats. Not a good situation!
Hallelujah then for the arrival of Stephen Marr’s new hair enhancement service, which isn’t just a typical hair extension system but rather a veritable life changer and unique to the highly respected salon.
For starters, only ‘remy’ hair is used – the finest quality human hair where the cuticle alignment has been maintained. This allows the hair to achieve a completely natural, super shiny and soft result and doesn’t have the telltale look of faux locks that so many of us are familiar with.
The additional hair is also applied with a specially engineered tape. With this application, the hair sits perfectly against the scalp and looks not only totally natural but also avoids the weight, bulk and damage caused by sewn in extensions. It has multiple benefits - aside from adding hair length - like the ability to be used to add much needed volume in areas where the hair is fine. Texture and highlights can even be added for a natural colour alternative, and your new locks can be dyed, heated, styled – treated like your own hair.
Stephen Marr salons have never offered hair extensions before, mainly because the stylists have never previously found a high quality product that gets the right look, and doesn’t damage the hair at the roots. Now they’ve found it and are beyond excited to spread the word.
Hair enhancement is offered in all three Stephen Marr salons in Auckland, with the first consultation priced from $550. After care includes the key advice that
hair shouldn’t be washed for the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to dry, and maintenance sessions are booked in as required at a cost from $150 per appointment, allowing the stylist to adjust, wash and blow-dry the hair.
For more info and to book in for a set of fabulous new locks visit here.


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