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Anyone who knows me will be aware that I’m not a big fan of microdermabrasion. I’ve tried it several times and my skin has ended up looking like a hot mess, and I have heard the same from many other women. It just seems a tad too rough for my liking, and when you’ve got reactive skin like mine ‘rough’ is never a good option.
Having said that, I was intrigued when I heard that the team at award winning skin specialists Louise Gray Skin Care were using a new version of the tools and technology involved in microderm with a twist - the Bio Hydraderm.
Louise has said “some people get excited about new cars, new iPads, and clothes, but nothing excites the team at Louise Gray Skin Care like investing in long term skin care solutions.” After years of research, she says that they finally found technology that matches “our philosophy for non-invasive, anti ageing solutions” in the form of the new Hydraderm service. It has given them the power to provide a more advanced version of Microdermabrasion, but is chemical free, has less side effects, and the diamond tip plates are so much more exact so they can properly control the device to produce excellent results for even the most sensitive clients. The treatment can be wet or dry as well - a variety of abrasion selections and matching Aquafuse products allows the skin therapist to quickly perform as many as four passes, meaning serious results with minimum discomfort. I like! 
Some of the immediate benefits include diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, softer, smoother skin and refined pores and a reduction in the appearance of scar tissue and sun damage, and my skin looking seriously glowy (a la Natalia, above) after just one treatment. I shall be back for more!
Louise has created a supercharged trio to address skin issues that she has called The Power of Three. It’s a professional skin care treatment combining Hydraderm (exfoliation) Light Activated Skin Rejuvenation (LED therapy) and Nano (Vitamin infusion).  The results are truly something special and will make serious inroads into anti-ageing and general skin rejuvenation at $269.00 per treatment.
For more details head to Louise’s website here.


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