Love it: the L'Oréal Paris Shine Caresse lip collection

Some call them gloss, some call them stains, but there is no doubt that the eight gorgeous shades that make up the new L'Oréal Paris Shine Caresse lip collection are all that and more.
Designed with the texture and shine of gloss coupled with the long wear colour of a stain, the Shine Caresse is lighter than a lipstick and more comfortable than a traditional lipgloss, making it an option for a non gloss lover like me. The formula’s beauty lies in its unique texture – exceptionally light, very smooth and almost jelly-like. It’s a texture similar to my favourite YSL lipstains, and is said to be intensely hydrating with 30 per cent water content and 60 per cent oil content that makes it soft and silky to apply.
Where the magic lies in my opinion is the spear-shaped flocked applicator, which is celeverly designed for easy and swift application. The applicator stem is slightly angled so that application is easier and more natural when held to the lips, and it has a small hole in the centre that serves an important function. It pushes out excess gloss so that you get the perfect amount of product on your lips – never overdone and with minimal product loss. Brilliant!
I’ve fallen for the softer shades like Lolita and Bonnie, but the deeper hues are the best for leaving a true stain behind. I’ve found that for these, the key is to leave them on - untouched - for a while, letting the colour settle. Then when you wipe it off, the gloss itself wipes away, but the rich colour stains your skin. Magic stuff… Another way to intensify all of the colours is to apply one layer, let it settle and then apply a second for a truly spectacular pout.


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