What a steal: the new formula Olay Regenerist

It has been called “the biggest change to Regenerist since the launch of Regenerist" a decade ago, and Olay’s supercharged new version of the legendary formula is just that.
With 20 per cent more anti-ageing ingredients than the original it is a serious skincare product to add to your arsenal, and surely one of the industry’s biggest ‘steals’ at NZD $49.99. It’s a known fact that this pot of goodness has been proven to “regenerate your skin surface faster than a $250 luxury cream and hydrates better than 18 luxury creams costing up to $500,” and the amazing price point combined with its effectiveness has been a large part of its runaway success since day one.
The research team at Olay have been spending a lot of time over the past few years developing a new skin theory that they call Skin Fatigue. Using fresh tools based on Cellular Bioenergetics research, they have discovered skin's cellular bioenergy, like our body, slows down as we age, which is why older skin is slow to respond to anti-ageing treatments. Using Cellular Bioenergetics imaging tools, Olay was able to visualise skin cellular energy levels in living skin cells, and discovered a significant decline between 20 and 60-year-old skin. "Our research reveals that cells simply don't have the functioning metabolism required to fully respond to anti-ageing treatments,” says a spokesperson from their R&D team, “this leads to a slowed response to anti-ageing treatments and visual skin improvement." They then deduced that an effective approach to fighting skin fatigue is to boost aged cells' ability to produce energy and its ability to respond to stress, and singled out three active ingredients - Niacinamide, Pal-KTTKS and Olivem - that can actually help fight skin fatigue in aged cells.
Blinded by science a little? Let’s just say that the new and improved Olay Regenerist regenerates skin faster and boosts natural skin renewal (hydration and exfoliation), meaning that you’ll see an almost an immediate improvement in fine lines, pores, and brightness. Can’t argue with that!
The figures Olay have released on use of the new Micro-Sculpting Cream are that after just…
10 minutes: Noticeable improvement to ageing concerns like eye lines and brightness and boosting hydration
Four days: Hydrates to provide firmer skin
Five days: Regenerates skin up to 2X faster by boosting natural skin renewal
Within One Jar: Visible wrinkle reduction
They are some serious claims, but at just $49.99 a pot it won’t break the bank to gamble on this anti-ageing powerhouse if you are so tempted… so get in there!
New Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream is available from leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide right now.


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