I try: a good old-fashioned dose of Reiki

I’ve written before here about the wonderful Rosanna Marks, ex-beauty industry maven turned holistic therapist and purveyor of very delicious massages! She is the principal therapist at Mind Body Institute, which she opened at the West Lynn end of Richmond Road back in 2008. From her beautifully appointed rooms Rosanna practices the likes of mirimiri (traditional Maori massage), Hawaiian Ka Huna bodywork, Egyptian undulating heart breath, chakra balancing, kundalini massage techniques and organic facial therapy (with French skincare range Phyt’s), as well as Aroha Healing, which is a true fusion of Rosanna’s work. Internationally trained in many indigenous healing modalities, the vivacious therapist uses a fusion of ancient traditional practice combined with a modern twist and is also passionate about Reiki..
One of her favourite treatments – to give and receive – is a four handed Reiki Energy Healing session, which I experienced at the very capable hands of Rosanna and her partner Ben. For those that have never experienced reiki, it essentially involves the practitioner(s), who has been attuned to the reiki frequency, using a series of hand positions on the fully clothed body through which to channel the healing energy. The energy comes from all around us, and as with the kind of energy that provides us with heat and light, we don't have to think about where it comes from, we just flick a switch and there it is. The reiki practitioner has a "switch" and they act as channels through which the energy flows. People experience reiki in a variety of ways. Some feel heat coming from the practitioner's hands; some feel tingling and some feel a sensation akin to a cool breeze. Some people fall asleep almost immediately. The procedure is very simple, but also very effective, and the benefits of one session can last over a long time. I felt in a state akin to dreaming, but fully awake and totally relaxed. And I can definitely vouch for the results lasting – I floated on air for days! Another wonderful thing about reiki is that anyone can learn how to do it, and Rosanna often holds retreats teaching just that.
If you’re in need of a tune up or just some “enforced” relaxation, then I highly recommend a trip over her way.


  1. I second your comments Helene - Rosanna and her team at the Mind Body Institute are nothing short of amazing. Unlike other therapists, Rosanna makes you feel completely rebalanced within just an hour or so, listening carefully to your concerns and needs and suggesting ways in which she can help whatever your mood, stress-load or type of day you may have just had! Her reiki is incredible, and has completely saved me in many a manic week when deadlines are looming and the world seems to be against me! After just an hour with her, I walk out feeling incredibly calm and confident that I can conquer whatever crosses my path. I highly recommend her and the Mind Body Institute to anyone interested in reiki, or just needing a good massage or facial!


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