Hair: all natural, all good

I am a passionate advocate of beauty products that are as kind on the environment and my body as possible, but am definitely not of the seaweed sandal, “I make my own moisturiser in the tub” sector of the society, preferring to leave that side of thing to the conscious experts out there. There are quite a few rather clever types around, especially in the area of haircare.
One of these experts is Jim Markham, who created the Pureology haircare line in California in 2001. The very clever chap revolutionized colour care and gave it a conscience, launching the first 100 per cent Vegan formulas and ZeroSulfate shampoos for colour-treated hair. Jim identified a need among professional colourists and their clients for gentle, naturally-based products that deliver superior performance and keep colour looking great for longer, and today, Pureology is the number one colour care brand in the USA. As an added bonus, the company are committed to delivering superior hair colour care through the most indulgent products and services, while preserving and promoting environmental sustainability. That’s about as eco luxe as it gets! It launched here in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength, and has finally expanded into styling products. Needless to say, they are good for the planet, good for you and work hard to give you seriously fabulous hair. There are six offerings in the new collection, including Nourishing Nectar - a lightweight gel that perfect for using pre blow dry, with zero dulling residues and concentrated Keravis to strengthen the hair fibre.
Another favourite haircare range that is good for you and the planet is by Australian super stylist Kevin Murphy. A new offering of his that really got me excited is Young.Again, which is an anti-ageing product for your locks. Summer brings all sorts of hair “issues”, including colour changes due to the sun and sea, overprocessing and overstyling once the party season kicks in. What we all need is a product that nourishes and revives the hair but doesn’t take precious time out of our day, and it seems Mr. Murphy has answered our call. In all honesty, how many women have a spare half hour or so twice a week to shower, apply a treatment mask, step out and wait ten minutes to process and then jump back in and wash it out again? Not me! Young.Again is a treatment oil with exfoliation properties that expose fresh, clean hair every time you use it. Key to this incredible product is the herb Immortelle, from whose flower you can extract a water dispersable essential oil that can perform some pretty clever tasks. He’s added to this the likes of Bur Oil to improve hair strength and Sugar Cane Extract, a gentle exfoliate that prepares the hair to receive nutrients and gives a smooth shiny surface to the hair. It’s also heatproof up to 220 degrees and contains sunscreen.
Original & Mineral is another Australian brand that are true pioneers when it comes to creating hair products that care for your body and the planet, as well as actually working. I was introduced to the brand by Lucy Marr when I was pregnant and looking to steer clear of anything with an ingredient list that read like a science project, and O&M was the brand she held up as being one of the best. The O&M product range is proudly free of sulphates, parabens, MIT, phthlates, Triclosan and Proplene Gycol. The range also contains a UVA protectant, helping to keep hair healthy and happy. Even their award winning packaging is both recyclable and ridiculously good looking, and their product list is growing by the day.
And last but not least – and with Lucy Marr in mind – is the SANS range created by the aforementioned super stylist, passionate greenie and mum of two. Constantly expanding and a definite contender when it comes to purity and performance, this range is one of the best out there and proudly New Zealand made.


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