Hair I love: Redken's Guido for Ralph Lauren at NYFW

I love a beautifully turned out ponytail, which in my mind is far preferrable to the “Bondi bun”-style topknot that’s been such a go to style of late. The pony is a gazillion times more flattering, and done well, can completely transform your face.
A perfect ponytail was what Redken Creative Consultant Guido created for the Ralph Lauren show (pictured) at the recent New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012, which he said reflected the “American sensibility” that he says he sees there every season: “What I like about the hair in New York is that it’s always all about what women will actually wear.” Hurrah for that!
The hair at Ralph Lauren was clean, simple and modern- the epitome of the Ralph Lauren woman. “The look is easy sophistication achieved by a ponytail. It’s very elegant but not forced,” said the renowned hair guru. “It’s just about true beauty and a luxurious look.”
To create the Look:
* Blow dry hair using Redken’s guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam to achieve a bouncy blowout.
*Part hair in center and pull back using fingers to make it feel effortless.
* Pull hair back into a ponytail a few inches above the nape of the neck and tie with elastic.
* Take a small section of the hair and wrap around the elastic to cover it.
* Finish with Redken’s forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to smooth the flyaways and look polished all day long.


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