Love it: Kevin Murphy travel-friendly JET.PAKs

I always have an arsenal of travel-sized beauty products on hand for when I go away, and it makes life that much easier when my favourite brands like Sodashi and Kevin Murphy whip them up for me!
I’m a huge fan of Murphy’s JET.PAK sets of travel essentials, which also make a great gift for a loved one who is always on the road or in the air. They have recently expanded the collection to include a few more hair types too, making giving the gift of great hair that much easier. There is now a JET.PAK for pretty much every hair type, and they come in a chic travel purse that can be used again and again - essentially a "gift that keeps on giving". Love that. My choice is the Smoothing JET.PAK, which includes 40ml-sized pots of Luxury.Wash, Luxury.Rinse, Born.Again and Motion.Lotion. There is also a Hydrating and a Volumising option, if that’s what your hair needs require.
I’ve also just heard word of a special gift pack that the affable Mr. Murphy has created based around his simply amazing Young. Again formula, which includes a 100ml bottle of the aforementioned good stuff along with a limited edition Born.Again Masque. The ultimate regenerative combo!


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