Love it: the ModelCo Blend Buffing Mitt

The “tandoori-tan-hand effect”, the “telltale tanner's mitt”… call it what you like, if you’ve tried fake tanning then chances are you’ve had the bad luck of forgetting to wash your hands well after, leading to some seriously stained palms. It has happened to the best of us, and is always a dead giveaway that you’re wearing a fake bake.
We all love the look of a tan a la Ms. Moss (above) though, so those endlessly impressive masterminds at ModelCo have sorted us a solution to the aforementioned affliction – the Blend Buffing Mitt. This clever tool is soft touch, velour re-usable buffing mitt that blends your favourite self-tanner and instant bronzer to perfection for a streak-free finish and totally even coverage. Love that! Oh - and no more mad dash to the sink to wash your hands post application!
Specially designed and tested by beauty experts, it helps you achieve that professional salon finish in the comfort of your own home, whilst the handy water-resistant barrier ensures hands stay clean & dry.
Simply hand-wash the mitt with mild detergent in between uses and you’re good to go!


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