My pick from L’Oréal Professionel’s Summer Illusion: Sunset Horizon

L’Oréal Professionnel recently unveiled their newest colour collection for Spring/Summer, and as per usual, it is pretty damn gorgeous.
Called Summer Illusion, it was conceptualised by the global beauty giant’s top colourists from around the world, who developed three commercial looks that can be tailormade to suit any lifestyle, hair length and texture. The team from Servilles recreated each of the looks a couple of weeks ago as part of a rather beautiful local trends presentation, and I asked Sarah Anwar from Servilles Albany for the lowdown on my favourite from the collection, called Sunset Horizon (pictured).
Sunset Horizon is a sleek look that’s a more refined take on the current balayage hair trend, with more than a bit of a nod to the ‘colour blocking’ movement in fashion as well. The top layer’s ends are lightened in a block while the base layers remain a medium brown, adding depth to the look. I put a few q’s to Sarah about how to and who for, as well as how to keep Sunset Horizon looking sleek:
What sort of colour process do you have to go through to get this look?
This type of colour can be very easy to achieve and is great for people who have never coloured their hair as the change isn’t overly dramatic. The process requires less time in salon as colour is applied to the ends only, and not the full head like most colour applications. The colour is applied by hand (without the use of foils) and painted directly onto the hair in order to achieve a more natural/lived in look. The colour is then left to process with the application time depending on how light you wish to go.
Does it require a lot of work to maintain, lots of regular visits to the salon?
No not at all. This look is very low maintenance colour because the lightness is on the ends, not at the roots like regular highlights. As the lighter panels are halfway down the length of the hair, you won’t get a regrowth line like you do from regular highlighting. It is always best to talk with your stylist about maintenance so they can tailor the colour to your individual needs.
How do you care for hair like this outside the salon?
Generally long hair always needs more moisture than shorter lengths. With coloured hair it is recommended to use a product such as L’Oréal Professionnel absolut repair. This range is not too heavy on long hair and adds moisture and strength. It does depends on your individual hair needs and it is always best to ask your stylist about home hair care. If you are using heated styling tools you must always use a thermal protector such as L’Oréal Professionnel absolut repair thermo cell repair cream.
What sorts of hair does it suit and not suit?
This look does require a decent amount of length. It looks best on longer hair but can be altered by your stylist to a similar, softer look on slightly shorter hair. It is not only great on hair that is already at a medium base but on blondes wanting to tone down a bit without completely losing their blonde. Alternatively, if you have darker hair and want a few lighter pieces without the maintenance of traditional highlights – this is the look for you!
Do you see yourself doing a lot of this come summer?
We're already doing a lot of this type of look in salon and I'm sure that will only increase come summer. It's a great summer look, especially for girls who are using it to tone down lighter hair for a softer look through summer.
What is your favourite product at the moment, given the change in season?
My new favourite product right now is the new L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil, a nourishing oil which is fantastic on all hair types is the results are soft, shiny hair without feeling heavy or a sticky residue. I am also loving the newly reformulated L’Oréal Professionnel serie expert absolut repair range. It is light while still being extremely nourishing and leaves hair feeling silky and strong and it smells gorgeous too!


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