Love it, need it: eyeSlices

When I got arrived home after a night flight from Bali just two days’ ago, the only words to describe the state of my skin and general demeanour would have been “train wreck”. A 4am transit in Brisbane, tending to the (MANY) needs of a five year old and generally making bad meal choices meant that my usually very diligent mid-flight beauty routine went sideways, and all I wanted was a sleep and a facial. Preferably at the same time!
That was never an option though, with aforementioned kid on the go and a bunch of work to try and attend to, so I slapped on Dermalogica’s MultiVitamin Power Recovery Mask (and ambulance in a tube, seriously) and cracked open the eyeSlices that I was sent while I was away.
Essentially eye treatment pads and the modern, hi-tech equivalent of sitting around with cucumber slices on your eyes, eyeSlices use patented Cryogel polymer technology and 20 per cent active natural ingredients to help improve redness, puffiness, dark circles, tiredness and signs of ageing around the eye. I had all of these at once, so they certainly had their work out for them - and work they did!
In around five minutes the disposable eye-treatment pads soothed and rejuvenated the gritty, worn out feeling of my eyes, as well as addressed dark circles, fine lines and all manner of general hideousness. Product developer and CEO, Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt says, “we refer to it as the ‘five five five’ rule, where eyeSlices deliver five key active ingredients to combat five key eye concerns, all in just five minutes!”
So how do they work? Well Cryogel technology, a global first, means to freeze. A stable, water-based hydrogel, it is manufactured through a non-toxic process of freezing and thawing, which gives an instant cooling sensation on the skin and stimulates micro-circulation. Aloe Ferox, “nature’s best kept secret”, is a key certified organic ingredient that unlocks the soothing, calming and restorative properties in there, while Regu-Age, a protein peptide complex from Switzerland, has clinically proven results on puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Biodynes TRF, a yeast cell lysate, smoothes, soothes and increases collagen synthesis, Peptamide 6 reduces fine lines and brightens the complexion, and Pentavitin increases moisture retention.
But enough science and back to the important stuff - yep, they work, and are totally paraben and preservative free, and having undergone stringent stability, safety, toxicology, irritancy and efficacy trials and testing, can be used on sensitive eyes and by people wearing contact lenses like me.
With a RRP of $37.00, once opened they can be used up to 10 times within a one month period, as have a treatment lifespan of 50 minutes. Refills are just $29.00 as they don’t come with a storage container. Sound like a bit of you? Stockists can be found at


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